Leslie Hassett, Gourd Artist

Leslie Hassett

Gourding is my passion!

I started making gourds over fifteen years ago when a friend had a “gourd party” and provided gourds, tools, and embellishments for all of us to use.  I fell in love with gourds right then!

For years I mainly made whimsical gourd birds.  You can see some of them in my “Gourd Birds Gallery” here.   I later developed other techniques such as deep relief carving, wood burning, stone or glass inlay, chip carving, and weaving.  I strive to learn more gourd techniques and refine and expand my work all the time.

Each piece is unique.  Usually, I pick a gourd and have an idea of what I will do but, as the design progresses, the gourd “fights” with me and seems to say “it doesn’t like my idea”!  I take that que and change directions.  Eventually the finished piece reveals itself.  When it finally comes together it is often a surprise, even to me!  It is almost as if each gourd has its own personality and knows what it wants to be.  When it works out well, it is a great joy to me and it’s rewarding when people choose to buy a piece for themselves or give them to others as gifts to enjoy.

My Business Name:
The word Gaia means “land” or “earth” and, in Greek Mythology, Gaia is the Goddess of the Earth.   I chose the name “Gaia Gourds” because gourds come from the earth and are a primitive, grounding art medium to work with. Also, my style often uses earth tone colors and natural products for embellishments. And, last but not least, both words start with G and it’s a fun pair of words to say!

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